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Hazy Blue

Hazy Blue Traditional Derby Tweed Flat Cap

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Hazy Blue Traditional Derby Tweed Flat Cap

Mens Tweed Cap is a great way to be stylish when playing golf, any outdoor activities, sports, or even day-to-day life. They look very smart and attractive. Traditional derby style wool tweed cap.

This timeless piece of headwear is crafted from wool tweed fabric and designed to provide a classic yet fashionable look. Its functional construction offers breathable comfort and a snug fit, ensuring that you can wear it with confidence.

This mens tweed cap features functional construction for breathable comfort, a snug fit, and timeless style that will have you looking your best in any situation. Whether you're hitting the links, enjoying outdoor activities, or just going about your daily life, this derby style wool tweed cap will add the perfect touch of class.

Hazy Blue Traditional Derby Tweed Flat Cap