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Hazy Blue

Hazy Blue Adults Padstow Riding All Weather Changing Robe


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Hazy Blue Adults Padstow Riding All Weather Changing Robe

Oversized fit! The Hazy Blue Waterproof Adults Padstow Riding Changing Robe – the ultimate companion for equestrians. Carefully designed with riders in mind, this exceptional robe combines style, functionality, and ease of use to elevate your equestrian adventures.

Key Features:

  • Equestrian-Focused Design: The Padstow Riding Changing Robe is tailored for riders, featuring a convenient side zip for effortless on and off while mounted.

  • Unparalleled Comfort: Experience exceptional warmth and comfort with the unique inner fleece lining, ensuring you stay cozy during cold rides or moments by the stable.

  • Rapid Recovery: After a long day in the saddle, the Padstow Robe helps you warm up quickly, aiding in post-ride recovery, so you can continue to enjoy your equestrian pursuits.

  • Weatherproof Performance: Face changing weather conditions with confidence. This robe's weatherproof design ensures you stay dry and protected, whatever the elements throw your way.

  • Distinctive Style: Make a statement with the Padstow's distinctive design, combining functionality with unmatched equestrian style.

  • Versatile Use: Designed not only for riding but also for all your equestrian activities, from grooming to spectating at events, the Padstow is your versatile equestrian companion.

  • Sherpa Lining inside is 330GSM

Equestrian Excellence Meets Comfort:

Picture this: You've had a thrilling ride, and it's time to dismount. With the Padstow Riding Robe's side zip, you can effortlessly slip out of your riding gear without the usual struggle. It's the perfect finishing touch to your equestrian experience.

Enhanced Recovery, Maximum Enjoyment:

The Padstow Robe's rapid recovery capabilities ensure you warm up quickly after your ride, aiding in post-ride recovery. It's like a warm embrace that soothes your muscles and prepares you for your next equestrian adventure.

Weatherproof and Reliable:

Riders understand the need for gear that can withstand changing weather conditions. The Padstow robe is engineered to provide maximum protection against wind, rain, and cold, so you can focus on your ride, not the weather.

Style That Sets You Apart:

Equestrian style meets functionality with the distinctive Padstow design. Stand out at the stables and equestrian events, showcasing your passion for riding with pride.

Versatility for All Equestrians:

Whether you're practicing dressage, showjumping, eventing, or simply spending quality time with your equine companions, the Padstow Riding Changing Robe is designed to enhance your equestrian experience. It's a versatile robe that caters to the needs of riders of all disciplines.

Elevate your equestrian adventures with the Warwickshire Clothing Padstow Riding Waterproof Changing Robe. It's not just a robe; it's an essential piece of equestrian gear that combines exceptional comfort, rapid recovery, weatherproof performance, distinctive equestrian style, and versatile use.

Upgrade your equestrian wardrobe today and discover why the Padstow Riding Changing Robe is the choice of riders who demand the best.


Exterior Colour Interior Colour
Navy Grey
Black Blue/Grey
Burgundy Cream
Teal Grey
Khaki Brown
Hazy Blue Adults Padstow Riding All Weather Changing Robe